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Bujumbura Dump


On Christmas Day 2014, 55 children were gathered from the poorest slum in Bujumbura, Burundi and given a Christmas lunch that they would never forget. What they couldn’t finish they stuffed in their pockets, because they never know where or when the next meal is coming from. Yada* had begun. 

Working with the ministry of Yada, we are seeking transformation of the Nyarumanga community through the power of God's love. Situated in the northern part of the capital city, Bujumbura, the Nyarumanga community is built around the rubbish dump for the whole city. This community started in 2000 as an Internal Displaced People Camp and is made up of three tribes; Tutsi, Hutu and Batwa. 

Children as young as one can be found picking through the rubbish, looking for something to eat or sell. Others are running through the community with pieces of rags hanging off them, being sent to the streets to beg. Mothers are at the dump or placing babies on their back so they can go to find working hoeing in the fields nearby. Men are searching for daily work or stumbling out of a local bar. Everyone is desperate to feed their family at least one meal that day.

With children spending their time at the rubbish tip, there is a continued cycle of poverty due to low school attendance and education, leading to little opportunity for future achievement. Early years education provides that alternative for that critical time before children reach 7 years old and can go to school. Additionally, knowing that for many, finding food is very challenging, we provide nutritious porridge to keep them healthy and able to learn. 

*Yada is a Hebrew word meaning to know God and to be known by Him on a very intimate level


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Education is essential to help free young people from the cycle of poverty that they and their community are found in. Starting schooling early is key. This is why we run a pre-school programme to help those who would otherwise be sent out to work to earn money for the family. From pre-school they begin Year 1 at local schools and come to us for daily tuition. Both the pre-school and tuition children, plus more children from the community, receive access to a feeding programme to ensure they receive at least one good meal a day. A weekly kids' club helps to build friendship and encourage young people in a safe environment. We also have a wider community programme, involving doctor visits once a week to help the families with any medical concern. These families are living in desperate poverty and can often make bad decisions, sending their kids back to the rubbish dump or on the streets to beg, ignoring the fact that their children are being abused. We have held many trainings and meetings to help these situations and we have seen huge progress, but there is still a lot to do. All of these programmes are underpinned with a desire to share the hope of the Gospel.

Yada also work in the local community to bring transformation through discipleship, working with local believers to help them grow in faith and release them to be used by God.

In order to help children in Burundi, we also offer a child sponsorship programme that will help support the whole community. Your sponsorship will help to engage children in programmes designed to help them break free from the poverty that keeps them scavenging on tips.

Why not find a child to sponsor today, or find out other ways you can support and get involved with Yada?




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