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Children at Risk

Molo, Kenya

Molo Countryside

For many years, we have been connected to the town of Molo on the western side of the Rift Valley in Kenya.  Molo and surrounding district has a population of around 100,000 and has a high number of young people.  Low income, resulting from the lack of employment, means that many children do not get the opportunities they need to flourish.  

Children suffer from malnutrition and many will come from larger families with often only one parent to provide care and support.  Children with special needs have a particularly difficult time as, more often than not, they do not receive the funds required for them to attend an appropriate school which provides the specialist care they need.

Every child has the right to a safe home and an education.  These cannot be taken for granted in Molo and, thankfully, there are a number of organisations that we partner with who have seen this need and have taken action.



Chicken Farm at one of our partners

We have partnered with a number of ministries that provide refuge for children that have suffered early years trauma or come from families where it is hard to fully provide for all their needs.

Child Sponsorship Programme - By sponsoring a specific child you are actually helping the community. Ann, the director of one of our projects in Molo, used to be a child sponsored through one of our programmes. Through the support offered she was able to get the help she needed and went on to further education and is now working to give other children the same chances that she had. 

Matumaini Rehabilitation Centre - was established in the 70s for children with disabilities. It has approximately 45 children who live at the centre during term time to enable them to receive education from the local schools and the specialised care that they need.  Disability is still stigmatising in Kenya and often these children are disregarded and do not get the funding they need to attend school, so we run a sponsorship programme to assist. www.pefamatumaini.org  We are also now working in the local community follow this link

Voice of Gospel - Kings Centre - is a home in Molo town for about 20 children who have been orphaned. It is a place of refuge for these children who can now experience the love and support of people who give their time to care for them. They have a number of initiatives to build a sustainable way to provide for all the needs of the centre and the children.

Molo Street Children's Project - is a well established organisation that provides a nurturing environment to prepare children for school, which can be a very difficult process for children who live in a crisis situation without access to books or other basic needs. The latest initiative, Amy's House, is a building renovation that is designed to form a quality foster home for children who have had to leave the care of their families due to neglect, abuse, or other reasons. www.molostreetchildren.org.uk

Micah Project - is established within the Turi Sulgwita School and provides hundreds of children a daily meal.  So many children attend school without having breakfast and thus hunger becomes a distraction and a barrier to learning. Each day, volunteers help to provide a nourishing meal which will give energy so that the children can learn. https://turimicah.com 

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