End Slavery
Prostitution in Caen operates for the most part from vehicles rather than buildings, and the majority of these are parked in the former docks area of the city. Based on a church-plant planned for the neighborhood, we want to reach out to the women trafficked into this industry - to offer support, friendship and unconditional love, meeting such needs as are identified and within our capacity to meet. We are looking for an individual to help us to fulfill and build-up our capacity to help and support trafficked women in Caen.Key tasks will include:Identifying the specific needs for food, freedom, and forgiveness present amongst the city's trafficked women, initially in the Presqu'le area.Befriending the women unconditionally so as to be able appropriately to meet their need for food, freedom, and forgiveness.Coordinating and leading volunteers, local and visiting, who have been trained for this ministry.Liaising as appropriate with local authorities and NGOs active in the field, and with parallel projects in other French cities.Ensuring a loving, unconditional offer of hospitality and support to the victims of trafficking and enabling / empowering them to take 'next steps' appropriate to their situation.Resourcing a network of prayer for the ministry and for the victims of trafficking.Working with Bless to integrate ministry to the victims of trafficking into our missional outlook and church-planting strategy.
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