Team around the campfire

Nicaragua is the second poorest country in the Western Hemisphere. Unemployment rate is high throughout the country, and Masatepes unemployment rate is just below the average. Poverty is widespread, especially in the more rural areas. The vast majority of the population here in Masatepe professes Catholicism or Evangelical Christianity, with over 30 churches established within the towns limits. Yet, we believe the holistic Gospel includes more than what has been experienced here so far. We believe that the Jesus of the Bible cares about the poor and oppressed; in Masatepe there is still a ways to go to see holistic transformation within the community.We are looking for an individual to oversee the complete process of short-term ministries.Because teams require an intensity of time and attention, this person needs to be a high capacity and high energy person who can apply themselves completely to the task while the teams are here, andis responsible for building a "team" around them to help execute the STM experiences. The Coordinator is responsible for the completion of all parts of the program: communication, coordination, planning, and relationship management before, during, and after the STM experience. Skills needed for this position include communication, teamwork, training and presenting, and a high energy level. We are looking for someone who is fluent in Spanish, and excels at teaching, self-management, learning, and relational skills.

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