Partnership is key

Do you enjoy helping recruit and build teams and partnerships in order to enhance the breadth and depth of community transformation work? We are seeking a mobilizer / advocate to help further develop the work in East London, South Africa – including the citywide environmental enterprise, the citywide entrepreneurial training program, and support to specific local township communities (Cambridge & Mzamomhle). Opportunities will include mobilization of short-term teams, establishment of a short-term internships program, and mobilization of global (and potentially local) partnerships, assistance of medium- or long-term workers with initial logistics of settling in, and establishment of a local team growth, wellness & ongoing support structure. Desirable qualifications – strong networking & communication skills, extensive network of US-based (and/or UK/other international) churches and other organizations, passion for mentoring/coaching toward personal & professional growth, logistics & administration with missions trips/short-term teams & positions. Minimum 2-year commitment.

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