Youth Meeting


We are looking for a self-starter who is passionate about youth and helping to explore their faith alongside them growing and developing. We need someone to work with vulnerable children, churches and other NGOs to help transform lives.


  • Assess the needs of young people and their families alongside the community catalyst
  • Build programmes and activities designed to transform the community with a special focus on youth and their families
  • Build relationships with a range of young people
  • Mentor and coach young people from the community
  • Develop and train a team to support youth and help their grow in their faith


  • Passionate faith and love in Jesus
  • Committed to Personal Development
  • Able to work as part of a team as well as show initiative
  • Empathy and willingness to understand a range of peopleĀ 
  • Able to lead a team and help others to integrate
  • Experience of running youth programmes
  • Experience of mentoring and coaching
  • Willing and able to raise funds for personal and ministry expenses


  • Training in Cross-Cultural Mission and Integrated Community Transformation
  • Support with fundraising for personal and ministry finances
  • Line Management and Pastoral Care
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