About MSCP

Molo Street Children Project was established in 2003 to provide care and support to destitute children in the town of Molo in Kenya. The project developed to work with approximately 300 children and their families, working with children rescued from the streets, from negligent parents, or dangerous situations.

Currently we run a home for 8 children in long term care, and have another 10 places for short term emergency rescue of children in crisis. We also provide financial support, counselling, and mentoring for children in poverty who attend local schools, and work with their families to support them with income generating schemes. To date 150 children have completed their education and 13 have graduated with degrees.


Nathan’s Story:

Nathan lived with his hard-working single mother, but she was unable to sustain him at school. He was a very intelligent boy, achieving good marks. MSCP enrolled Nathan onto the feeding program and found him a sponsor to pay his school fees. Nathan excelled academically, and in his final primary school exam he was first in his class having scored 413 marks (out of 500). He joined a prestigious secondary school where he gained an A in his final exam, one of the top students in the country. He was admitted to Nairobi University to study medicine, and is now in his 5th year.


The Education Fund:

The Education Fund is set up to help children like Nathan. With your help, we can support the children in the project at all educational stages to be able to access suitable educational provision regardless of their educational stage or their individual needs. One-time gifts or a monthly donation are

welcomed, but monthly donations help us to support children in education long term.


£25 will buy a full set of uniform

£15 will buy a pair of strong school shoes

£5 will buy a school shirt

£8 will buy a pair of school trousers

£40-50 will buy a month of boarding school

£10 -25 will buy a month of day school

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