Children in Bujumbura

Access to education is not always an option for children in the Nyarumanga community, many instead of school spend their days at the local dump, salvaging scrap in order to scrape together enough to simply help feed their family.  We work with several local schools to ensure that children have the opportunity for a great start to their education, providing for their basic needs to ensure that the children are about to access this vital start.

We are asking for just £10 a month in order to provide each child with a uniform, stationery, a cup of porridge, access to after school tuition with our teacher and medical care for a child in need. In return, you will receive a yearly update on the progress of your child and an up to date photo.

We have a range of children who need your support. Please click the link below to give and we will assign you a child as the need arises. We currently have 20 young people who require your support monthly and so we are looking for sponsors for all of these children.

Thanks, please check your email to confirm your subscription.