PEFA Matumaini Group Photo

Living as a child or young person with a disability in Kenya means that you are at elevated risk of exclusion, abuse and exploitation. If a disability is particularly complicated in nature or leaves a person in need of additional medical care, they can face destitution, abandonment or even death; this may be due to a lack of resources within a family or the stigma and fear associated with disabilities.

With transportation and schools generally not making provisions for those with disabilities, opportunities for growth and self-discovery are scarce. A disabled child or young persons sense of worth becomes eroded as people around them define them by what they cannot do, rather than their God-given potential. Abuse is commonplace, with some even being killed out of fear and lack of understanding. What sort of life is this for a child?

PEFA Matumaini offers a safe haven for disabled children and young people, a place where they can discover who God created them to be. Here they can learn, grow, play and enjoy life in an environment designed specifically for their needs, however complex. Disability is not inability and we are determined to show those in our care just how valuable they are.

£20 per month will help us to cover the medical and educational expenses of an individual unique child accessing our support and care. This will include the provision of a uniform, food, housing and other equipment required.

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