Chicken Farm

PEFA Matumaini offers a safe haven for disabled children and young people, a place where they can discover who God created them to be. Here they can learn, grow, play and enjoy life in an environment designed specifically for their needs, however complex. Disability is not inability and we are determined to show those in our care just how valuable they are.

We are seeking to access internal income generating streams, to help secure the long-term future of the project. Your support will help us to set up a dairy farm and allow us to continue to run our poultry farm, also giving some of our permanent residents new, satisfying and engaging learning opportunities. £5,500 will allow PEFA to purchase 5 cows, increase their poultry stock and provide feed for both stock allowing this social enterprise to develop and grow in order to build sustainability of the programme and the wider centre over the next 12 months.

In addition, we are seeking £1,000 for the Director of PEFA Mautmaini, who has been working without a salary for over a year. Unwilling to allow any of the children or caretakers to go without, she has been working tirelessly to the detriment of herself. Overseeing such a large and sensitive operation takes enormous amounts of time, energy and compassion and your gifts will enable Ann to continue to administrate, support and invest in this ministry that she loves.

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