You can be part of transforming the lives of refugees in one of the largest refugee camps in Africa.

Florisa, a member of our organisation, has been serving in Malawi since 2008, when she joined THERE IS HOPE, a pioneer refugee ministry set up and led by ex-refugee Innocent Magambi, who later became her husband.

Florisa used her prior experience in customer service and corporate work to support the growth of THERE IS HOPE with project coordination, grant- and report writing, and communications. After the birth of their first child, Mwiza, Florisa's work at THERE IS HOPE began to shift. Mwiza was born with a rare condition called holoprosencephaly, and she needed multiple surgeries and long-term care in Europe. Mwiza lived 20 difficult months, but the pain endured by the couple was transformational. Florisa began to work alongside refugee tailors to manufacture handmade sensory toys and baby gifts that she realized were not available in Malawi. Over the years, the project has grown into a social enterprise called KIBEBE, which today employs between 30 and 80 artisans in the hand-crafting of ethical, eco-inclusive accessories and decor for the international market. 90% of these artisans are refugee women, who have little formal education, and whose standing in the community has improved greatly through their employment at KIBEBE.

Innocent recently completed 15 years as the Executive Director of THERE IS HOPE: having started the organisation with just Florisa as his co-worker, he left it with a staff body of 43, and a leadership team of local professionals. He is currently looking for work in the area of refugee rights, with a view to pursue his calling while earning money to supplement income for the family. He is still on the Board of There is Hope.

Florisa's (the Magambi's) funding is currently short of £500 a month just to meet their basic needs budget. They live in Lilongwe with their three boys: Teo, Sammy and Jo.

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