Ukraine War

The Russian invasion of Ukraine continues and the humanitarian crisis continues to increase. The destruction of buildings and communities grows as fighting spreads and intensifies. However, the destruction of communities pales into insignificant against the human costs of death and displacement.

One Collective has been working in Ukraine for many years and we are so blessed to have been able to support some amazing projects. However, everything changed when Russia invaded. Our projects in Ukraine were instantly stopped and our workers redirected their efforts and energy to support in whatever way they could.

Our workers in Ukraine and neighbouring countries are now meeting with displaced people just looking for a means of staying alive. Their thoughts at the moment are on essentials for living not even for flourishing. We are working with many communities to try and just help get the essentials needed.

This has led to the creation of a community website designed to help people with relevant goods and services access those who desperately need them, and allow those who need to find the goods that they require. Refugees will be able to register their needs for local community members to see and connect to provide, whilst allowing local people and organisations to log the assets and services they provide so that people can access what is available. People are then able to securely and privately message and arrange contact as appropriate whilst safeguarding personal data. We are particularly excited that the website has built-in Automatic AI translation technology which will allow cross-lingual arrangement and access to services.


We need your continued support to show love to Ukraine and to those fleeing. For many of the people we are meeting, these are the worst events that they have ever experienced. We need your help to meet them where they are, to come alongside and to help them to survive today so that tomorrow they can begin to rebuild their lives.

£10 could help to provide urgent food when people arrive in a new area or situation

£20 could help to pay for continued development and expansion of the needs matching website

£50 could help a family find a place to stay for a night or two whilst exploring what their options are

£100 could help to provide emotional support to those having experienced the trauma of war and displacement

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