Sewing machine and message


2019 has been an exciting year for our partners Threads of Hope who have seen growth and development in many areas.

There have been more women going through the training programme, some of them are now employed within the Threads of Hope business. In addition, they have increased their sales, which builds capacity and impact.

As well as this growth, Threads of Hope have made a number of developments to support even more women. They have developed a number of improvements in their curriculum, particularly in areas that support graduates to function well in their daily lives. In addition, in order to make the programme more accessible, Threads of Hope have insticated a childcare function which enables people to engage in the programme knowing that their little ones are safe and being cared for.

Finally there have been a number of developments in new products being produced, such as new fabrics and colours. This development are a great example of ever developing business making it a great social enterprise, seeing transformation and potential for future transformation.


You can find out more about Threads of Hope and visit their online shop at the following link:

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