In September 2022 Matumaini Rehabilitation Centre held an open day for anyone in the local community who has disabilities to come and have a free rehabilitation assessment.
At the open day, help and assistance was given out in the form of advice, physiotherapy and occupational therapy, along with walking aids (crutches, sticks and walking frames) and 7 wheelchairs were fitted and issued.


Sounds good? However...we were overwhelmed by the number of people who attended and there were still another 30 people who required a wheelchair, for which there was no funding. Many of these people face significant daily struggles as a result of their severe disabilities, made even harder by the tricky terrain of rural Africa. Imagine being completely dependent on a friend/family member to move you around as you have no means to move yourself, and due to those disabilities only ever being in a semi-reclined position as you can't sit unaided on a chair or stool that lacks support.

We really wanted to try and fund the remaining chairs so we set up a God honoured this need! We not only met the full amount required to provide the additional wheelchairs, we raised more!! 

And here's the really awesome thing...we are going to put the additional money raised towards running a 2-day course in January for local care-givers of disabled children/people (the training will be delivered by a team from the charity Bethany Kids). Topics covered will include nutrition and feeding, positioning and home therapy (how to exercise their child at home to help their development), how to communicate with their child/person they're caring for if they can’t talk well, dispelling the myths around disabilities and much more! With a little bit of education, the quality of life of many people will be transformed!

We look forward to telling you more about how the course goes next year! 
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