Lydia in her shamba


What area has God grown me and my faith in the last few years? I will have to answer 'Finances'. After being appointed as the Catalyst for Lomolo Village, Kenya, on the 12th of November, 2020, l was suddenly confronted with a task much bigger than what we had ever been faced with before. I always knew in theory that, 'where there's vision there's provision' and 'where God guides, He provides, but I always felt anxious and scared when it came to finances. I secretly believed that He absolutely can do it for other people, but I wasn't so sure that He wanted to do it for us. I can't say that the penny just miraculously dropped one day. Instead, it was a gradual revelation of KNOWING that God indeed WANTS to transform Lomolo - and the nations for that matter - much more than we could ever desire it ourselves. I just one day knew that God actually delights in providing not only for the advancement of His Kingdom but also for me and for us as a family. Although He is obviously continuing to stretch my faith in this area, I am so much more relaxed and settled in my spirit. We serve a loving Father whom we can fully rely on and trust.

You can read more about Gods miraculous provision for Lydia, her family and YASHA ministries at the following link:

Gateway News: Water From Heaven

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