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There is Hope stems from a vision that Innocent Magambi felt God placed on his heart in 2006. Innocent was born to Burundian parents in a refugee settlement in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). When civil war broke out in DRC, he was forced to flee the country and lived in various refugee camps in Tanzania, Zambia and later Malawi.

At age 26 and living in Dzaleka Refugee Camp, Innocent received a scholarship to study at a bible college in Lilongwe. Gradually, his life was transformed and for the first time, he had the opportunity to live outside a refugee camp. Innocent could not forget his fellow refugees who were still living at Dzaleka Refugee Camp. While in class one day –  Innocent felt a deep conviction to respond to the multitude of needs of people in Dzaleka. His new local church embraced his vision and helped him register There is Hope. From that time, countless people have played a vital role in making There is Hope a reality.

There is Hope is the expression of our commitment to uplift those whose development is limited by poverty and displacement. We work with refugees and the Malawian host community by providing opportunities for social enterprise, education and leadership development.

During the pandemic whilst most charities were struggling, There is Hope expanded and stepped into a new stage of service, helping in so many different ways to serve the local community, through producing PPE, servicing locals with much needed essentials and getting involved wherever they could. More can be read on their blog at:

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