Matamiani Rehabilitation Centre is an amazing project that supports children with disabilities through helping to provide access to education and health services to ensure that they can have the best life possible. This amazing centre is managed by Ann Nyokabi. Ann herself was once a resident and student at the Rehabilitation Centre, however due to the love and support of the community and staff she was able to progress and access higher education, gaining a degree from Kenyatta University before being appointed as the Director of the centre in 2018.

Over the last two years Ann has revolutionised the way that the centre works and have challenged so much of the accepted culture that the centre was built on. When Ann arrived, the majority of income for the centre relied heavily on small donations and grants, however Ann has worked hard to build a team and to ensure the centre is working towards self sufficency. During her time as director the centre has started farming the land they own, started a chicken buisness and a dairy farm. All of this is helping to increase the centres income and make sure that they a financially set up for the future.

We want to continue to encourage Ann and the team, and are grateful to partner with them in supporting children to live life in all of it's fullness. You can support the centre, Ann or any of the children by simply donating to through our giving page.

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