Sarajevo Christmas Markets


As the colder days roll around with December and lights start pouring out of hearts, hands and houses, many around the world feel the hope and warmth of Christmas time. But, as a people who follow Jesus, December means so much more. We take a chance to come together and to think in awe over the lengths God went to in order to reunite with His creation. The miracle and blessing of Jesus, who gave His life for our wrong, so that we could be pure and holy children of God, is something to be celebrated and remembered all year round.

Today, as we look around, Christmas markets are popping up all over England, spreading love, crafts and good gin. As great as those are, and we know they’re beautiful, we want to turn your attention to other Christmas markets in Novo Sarajevo, Bosnia; more specifically, the Roma community living there. All ten square kilometres (6.214 miles) of this region, 75 000 inhabitants, still feel the impact of the conflicts in the 1990s. Even twenty years after the war, the amount of industry that was destroyed and families who were set against each other leaves a society with a range of social needs, high unemployment and a divided society of different religions and nationalities all in desperate need of reconciliation and forgiveness; in need of freedom from their past.

Our team is working in, with and through the community addressing the range of social, physical, emotional and spiritual needs through various ministries. In everything we do, we hope to be witnessing, showing Christ-like love, generosity and care. While a lot of our work is with adults or families, we work with children too, hoping to equip the next generation and to help them to walk with Jesus.

We have been aiding transformation in the community through consulting and helping to develop small businesses, charity work, providing opportunities to equip new skills and reaching out, engaging, with refugees. We address the hurt in this community too through reconciliation counselling.

Not hiding our light under a bushel (Matthew 5:15), we have also been working with churches, including the denominational and evangelical alliance, running church camps, offering support, advice and, in some cases, leadership or leadership training.

This Christmas and New Year you might be reflecting on how you could help to transform lives. Why not think about getting involved with Sarajevo, Bosnia. Invest today and you will be investing in Kingdom growth for tomorrow.


Sarajevo Christmas Markets

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