Old Slavery Photo


This may be a date in your calendar you are not used to seeing. This is a new holiday recognised in the United States. It is there to commemorate the emancipation of slaves across America.

The history of the world is full of stories of slavery, and the west, unfortunately, has much of its history built (literally) on the backs of slaves. We must take time to reflect on the atrocities of the past, ensuring that we learn lessons and never allow these things to happen again.

However, as I sit and write I must reflect on the current situation of life. Whilst I cannot see Western governments and societies condoning and opening participating in slavery. I am aware that our consumerist society still has many areas where slavery is used, and so by buying a pair of shoes or a t-shirt I may be unaware of the implications that my purchase may be funding slavery in some form. 

Often when we think of Modern Slavery our minds quickly go to brothels and prostitution, and whilst this may be an area particularly embroiled in slavery, there are many areas where slaves are used that we not so taboo in society. For example, a car wash. Labour abuse is one of the largest forms of slavery and every day you and I may pass by situations where people are being held, forced to work for little or no pay and physically and mentally coerced and abused to keep them in a place of servitude.

We have a number of ministries that focus on freedom around the world. This is still an area where more is needed to free people, to help them recover and to work with communities so that people don't end up in situations, to begin with. Mostly we need prayer, asking God to show us how to bring freedom to all.

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