Lydia ministering


In September 2001, Wilco and Lydia Venters left South Africa to fall the call of God on their lives. Leaving South Africa on the 27th August 2001, they and their young family entered Kenya at 4:15 pm on 4th September 2001. It was a long journey, with much prayer and at times amazing miracles, including an angel saving their trailer when it tipped over.

This journey had not been taken lightly and had not come about very quickly, but rather had taken Wilco and Lydia years of prayer and investment. But through it all God showed His favour, provision and timing.

We are so grateful to be able to partner with this amazing couple as they continue to serve local people in Kenya, 20 years after they have arrived, and we continue to pray for favour, provision and timing.

Wilco and their family on their motorbike provided by God.

Lydia has recently completed a series of articles for Gateway News in South Africa. This 7 part series looks at the amazing journey that God has taken them on and continues to take them on. You can access all seven articles using the links below.

Our Big God Adventure

Episode 1 - In this first episode, Lydia talks about how God brought them both to faith and the transformation that occurred in her heart due to God's Love. In a world of #BlackLivesMatter, Lydia reflects on the impact of God's Love and the way He challenged her heart to racism from growing up in South Africa during Apartied. 

Episode 2 - In this second episode, Lydia tells about the arrival of their three amazing children and the blessing and challenges that God provided along the way.

Episode 3 - Lydia outlines the call to Kenya in Episode 3.

Episode 4 - It is never easy to step into the call of God, especially when we are so excited but God is asking us to wait. In Episode 4, Lydia outlines the journey from call to departure.

Episode 5 - In today's world, we are again coming to the realisation of the change that flight has made to our lives. In 2001 when Lydia and Wilco left South Africa to follow God's call to Kenya, they took 9 days, and this journey was not all plain sailing.

Episode 6 - The reality of ministry is never what we imagine. In episode 6, Lydia outlines the struggles of their early days in Kenya. Especially in connection with water. But throughout this, God provided through both the ordinary and the miraculous.

Episode 7 - A call to reach the unreached and to share the Good News.

Reading camp with Wilco

Throughout their last 20 years, Wilco and Lydia have served God and their community with passion and excitement. We love to hear of the adventures that God has taken them on. However, more than that, we love to hear that God has not finished with them yet. 

This month we will be sharing the vision that God is leading Wilco and Lydia into. So check out our news later this month to find out more.

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