Children from the Turi Micah Project


The Turi Micah project, set up in 2016 feeds in the region of 1200 school children in the Molo area. Many of these kids come from families that struggle to make enough money to pay their bills and purchase essentials such as clothing, food and hygiene products. Hunger has a huge impact on our lives, not only on our activity but also on our emotional and mental capacities.

The Turi Micah project has a simple objective to provide children in school with a basic meal. Through doing this they have been able to support children to increase their energy levels, this has impacted and supported their concentration and emotional focus, which in turn has enabled children to achieve and perform better academically. The long term impact of this is that more children will receive quality education and grades, meaning that they will be able to use their knowledge and skills in advancement either into further education or in apprenticeships and work placements. Ultimately given enough support these children will go on to be able to gain better financial security than their parents, providing for their families and having an impact on their community.

By supporting Turi Micah you will be providing more than just a bowl of porridge, you will be providing a chance for a child to receive the best from their education.

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