There is Hope Malawi are currently sponsoring 57 girls through secondary school education. In a country where only 6% of girls graduate high school and only 2.9% go on to seek post-secondary education studies these scholarships are hugely important. 

Why are so few girls graduating secondary school in Malawi?

Reasons include:
  • There is no free secondary school education and families who can afford to pay the fees usually prioritise their sons. 
  • Girls are expected to assume household responsibilities and face early marriage and unexpected pregnancy. 
  • Those who are able to go to school often commute long journeys on rural routes which are dangerous and they are susceptible to sexual harassment.  

What difference will your donation make?

Your generosity and investment will build a future generation where women are empowered through education and can make real life choices based on opportunties that you have helped to create. Your gift will help pay school fees, uniform, exam fees and a basic care package

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