One of the most devastating trades is that of human trafficking.  So many lives are damaged by this evil.  People are exploited and abused by others and it leaves indelible marks. In Athens we work closely with many who have experienced trauma by being trafficked and exploited.

Nea Zoi is a long-established ministry that reaches out to men and women who are trapped in the sex industry and suffer daily abuse and exploitation. Larisa has worked there for a number of years and leads the training and the outreach into brothels.

You may not be able to live and work in Athens but would you consider becoming part of the team that supports Larisa so that she can continue this work? She is facing a change in circumstances that requires funding that she currently does not have and so we need your support. She needs £1000 ($1300) a month.

If you are in the States, please use this link and for donors from all other countries please click the button below

We appreciate your investment in His kingdom to see light shine in the darkest places...



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