Hear the Joy of life


I clearly remember the day, even though more than 50 years have passed. The ‘hearing test trailer’ pulled up to my school. After several hours there, the conclusion was “single-sided deafness in my left ear. The doctor pronounced, “Nothing can be done, but maybe someday there will be technology that can help.” I adjusted, visited the doctor each year to check my good ear. The years passed quickly. People prayed, laid on hands, proclaimed that I should be healed, implied that I lacked faith since healing did not come. Someday.. As I aged, and my life became more dynamic with cross-cultural ministry in noisy settings, I began to struggle more. There had to be a solution. Several years ago a colleague from One Collective shared with me about a hearing aid option that was specifically for those with single-sided deafness. Amazingly, we found a doctor in our city who was aware of the technology and connected me with a specialist. We began to test different options – I adjusted, and little by little, I could hear – in noisy situations, conversations on my left. The expenses for this crept up on us, but God had an answer for that too. Through friends from college and our home church, God provided the needed funds. When we are patient, we see God’s hand at work. Someday has come. 

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