Lydia interacting locally


I suffered rejection from a very young age, and so I used to be quite needy. God started dealing with me in this area in 2019, assuring and reassuring me of not only His love but also of who I am IN HIM. He called me His own ... the apple of His eye ... and slowly the layers of hurt got peeled off - gently and patiently - one by one until I could feel the Lord's identity settled and manifested much more clearerly in my heart. How I thank Abba for His Son, Jesus, Who paid the ultimate price to set us free from everything that opposes the image of God in us.

Shown around the farm

you can read more about Lydia's story at Gateway news, where Lydia has created a series exploring 20 years of ministry and gospel transformation:

Gateway News SA, Episode 1

Meeting community leaders

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