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Food, Clothing, Education, Shelter. These are all essentials for life, however there are children all over the world for whom these basic essentials are not so readily available.

In Bujumbura these a whole communities where access to food and clothing requires children as young as 2 to spend time salvaging rubbish from the local rubbish dump. In these communities, parents must choose between feeding their children and allowing them to access an education. Unfortunately, there are many occassions when parents don't have a choice and must send their children to salvage rather than allowing them to access education. However, you can be part of changing this situation. You can help to bring freedom by allowing parents a chance to choose education and give their children a better future, breaking free from the cycle of poverty that they are trapped in.

In order to bring freedom and transformation to the lives of children, all you have to do is partner with One Collective UK and sponsor a child to access food, clothing, education. You can choose a child that you would like to sponsor, and you will receive regular updates on their progress as well as specific letters from your sponsor child.

Sponsorship is a commitment of £10 per month per child you want to support.

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